About Me

My name is Will. I grew up in the Midwest and have since lived all over the country. My first real job was in high school working in a call center taking orders for a mail order company. After high school I immediately took two jobs, one as a computer tech for a small local company and the other as a 911 dispatcher. Since the time I was about 15 I have done computer work as a side business and still do. I was a dispatcher for a few years and then went to police academy. I was a police officer for a while and then started my own computer store. I did photography for a while, I ran a small Wireless Internet Service Provider, and I worked at a law enforcement and sporting good supply company. I have done a little of everything.

I have served on the board for a chamber of commerce as well as an ambulance district. I have volunteered at senior centers and for the red cross.

I have also made some really stupid mistakes in my life. I started over and married my current wife and we now have a beautiful son. I couldn’t be happier. I am thankful for the great things in my life and the great experiences I have had while not forgetting some of the stupid stuff I did when I was younger and feel incredible shame and guilt for it.

For years I ran a computer store in the Midwest and after having some medical problems my family and I moved to the west. I now live in Oregon and love it here. I am licensed Amateur Radio Tech, I also have a GMRS license.

I love technology, but I also love to help others and be prepared for the eventuality of disasters in which technology may fail. I believe in contingency plans and being ready for ANYTHING.