Local Scanner Feed

This scanner feed, which I host covers the frequencies listed below. I live in Hermiston, OR so that is the location of the receiver.

I have done some recent equipment upgrades, unfortunately so has the Umatilla/Morrow County Radio Data District. The county finally went to a P25 (Apco 25) Digital Trunked system on 700/800 Mhz. That part is actually good, the bad part for those of us who like to listen, is that all law enforcement has gone encrypted.

Personally, as a former police officer I see the need for encryption, BUT I am of the belief that for accountability agencies should only use encryption for certain circumstance not all communications. It’s always good to encrypt a tac channel but a standard dispatch channel should be free for all to hear. Unfortunately I am only one citizen and without many more to complain this wont change. I will say, however that there have been many agencies in recent years try this same thing and when concerned citizens start showing up at city council meetings and voting sheriff’s out of office for non-transparency things change!

As far as donations, in two years I haven’t had a single one. I do get plenty of complaints when something is down for whatever reason. I have been considering dropping the feed simply because it is getting more and more expensive to maintain and no one seems to really care other than to complain.

By clicking on the feed here you can select the winamp feed and actually get text labels showing who is talking.

Oregon State Police
Umatilla County Sheriff
Hermiston Police
Hermiston Fire
Pendleton Police
Pendleton Fire
Umatilla City Police
Stanfield Police
Hermiston/Stanfield Fire
Most Other County Fire
Umatilla Tribal Police
Umatilla Tribal Fire